Participants deliver an oral presentation that includes audio and/or visual enhancement based on the theme for the current year's conference.

The theme for the 2001 conference is " . . . And the Journey Begins." The theme for the 2002 conference is "To Achieve and Succeed.


Prepared Presentation requires participants to develop and deliver a presentation using audio and/or visual support materials on an assigned topic.


Entries are limited to three (3) individuals per state.


A. Each presentation must be no less than three (3) minutes and no more than five (5) minutes.

B. A maximum of four (4) minutes is allowed for set up.

C. At the conclusion of the presentation, the participant must remove all materials within two (2) minutes.


A. Participants report to the event area at the time and place stated in the conference program to receive an assigned speaking time.

B. The event coordinator introduces each participant by number and in order of scheduled times. The schedule allows time for set-up and removal of materials.

C. No observers are allowed in the event room during heats. Observers are allowed to sit in the audience of the performance during the finals. No talking or gesturing is permitted. Observers may NOT enter or leave during a presentation.



A. Each presentation must be the result of the participant's own efforts.

B. The topic for the Prepared Presentation event is the published theme of the current year's conference. Information about technology and TSA is appropriate as long as it relates to the published theme.

C. The presentation must include the use of audio and/or visual media materials.

D. Examples of the audio/visual materials may include but are not limited to:

1. Charts and graphs

2. Posters

3. Displays

4. Flip charts

5. Transparencies

6. Models

E. Participants are not allowed to hear other participants' presentations.

F. It is the participant's responsibility to provide any audio/visual equipment needed for the presentation. If participant is using equipment that requires electricity, they must bring a 25' extension cord.

G. An easel and a white background for a projection device is provided by National TSA.

H. Participant scores are penalized one point per ten (10) second interval for speaking over or under the allotted time. The same penalty is used for set-up and take-down. Time commences when the presentation begins.


Evaluation is based upon the quality of the presentation and the appropriate use of audio/visual materials.





A. Event coordinator

B. Evaluators, three (3) per event room

C. Timekeeper, one (1) per event room


A. Coordinator's box, containing:

1. Event guidelines, one (1) each for coordinator and evaluators

2. Official rating forms

3. List of entries, with finalist report

4. List of event evaluators/assistants

5. Marking pens or pencils for each evaluator

6. One (1) stopwatch for each event room

7. Results envelope

B. Podium, easel, and white background for projection

C. Tables and chairs for three (3) event evaluators

D. Chairs for audience

E. One (1) table (approximately 6' long) for participant's use


A. Upon arrival at the conference, report to the CRC room and check the contents of the coordinator's box. Review the event guidelines and check to see that enough evaluators/assistants have been scheduled.

B. Inspect the area(s) in which the event is being held for appropriate set-up, including room size, chairs, tables, screens, outlets, etc. Notify the event manager of any potential problems.

C. One (1) hour before the event is scheduled to begin, meet with your evaluators/assistants to review time limits, procedures, regulations and all other details related to the event. If questions arise that cannot be answered, speak to the event manager before the event begins.

D. For participants who violate the rules, the decision either to deduct twenty (20) points or disqualify the entry must be discussed and verified with the event evaluators, event coordinator, and a CRC manager.

E. Begin the event at the scheduled time by closing the doors and checking the entry list. All participants should be in the room at this time. Any participant not present is disqualified. In order to compete, participants must be on the entry list or must have approval of the CRC chairman.

F. Inform participants of their heat assignment, order of speaking, and pertinent procedure.

G. Take the first participant to the event room and provide four (4) minutes for set-up of materials. The event coordinator or assistant introduces the participants by entry number only. No name tags or clothing that give any indication of the hometown, school, or chapter is allowed.

H. Approximately every ten (10) minutes, the holding room monitor sends a participant to the event coordinator or assistant in the event room.

The participant is allowed two (2) minutes to remove all materials.

Following the last participant's presentation, the event evaluators total their scores, making adjustments for time penalties.

K. Secure the event evaluators' signatures on their score sheets.

L. Complete the finalists report, including evaluators' signatures. Evaluators discuss and break any ties that affect the top three (3) placements.

M. Submit the finalists report, including a ranking of the ten (10) finalists, and all related forms in the results envelope to the CRC room.






















Presentation (70 pts.)

Introduction (interest and appeal)....... 10 pts.















Knowledge of material (factual

Support) ................................. 15 pts.


(clarity and sequence)…………… 15 pts.

Stage presence (personal appearance,

poise, posture, attitude, personality,

and confidence) ......………….. 10 pts.

Voice/language (grammar, pitch,

pronunciation, articulation,

and clarity) ………………….. 10 pts.

Conclusion .........……………… 10 pts.

Use of Audio/Visual Material (30 pts.)

Creativity in use .................….. 10 pts.















Quality of materials .........………. 10 pts.

Transitions between media use....... 10 pts.















SUBTOTAL ........………………. 100 pts

Rules violation (if any) ....... minus 20 pts.

TOTAL ……………………….. 100 pts.















Evaluator's comments/notes:

I certify these results to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Evaluator's signature________________________